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bc browser

bc browser

BC Browser is a web browser for Android, in addition to all the basic functions of any browser, it also provides you with a number of functions designed to improve your browsing experience.

When you open the BC browser, first of all, pay attention to the fully customizable shortcuts folder, where you can easily go to your favorite website by clicking on the icon. Now this feature is definitely a good option, but what you really like about BC Browser is that it allows you to download videos from almost any website. To use this feature, browse your favorite pages as usual, then click on the video when you want to watch the video you want to save. The only drawback is that this feature does not work for YouTube videos.

bc browser

Most importantly, this app also optimizes the use of all system resources, allowing you to open multiple tabs for viewing at the same time without slowing down.

bc browser is a free web browser for Android devices with fast downloads, data collection and ad blocking features that can help you easily listen to music, video and cricket information. Custom cricket feature is available in BC browser. You can visit many cricket sites to support your team, watch live cricket and check the game results in BC browser. You can also check train status, train ticket reservations, availability and other train requests in British Columbia.
We are happy to prepare our application for you! Its design is focused on providing you with the best user experience. This allows you to easily understand at any time everything that we do, communicate with us with one touch and even receive notifications about all the latest events. Download now and watch our new app now!
Which browser loads the fastest?
Today we use Android devices for all applications.

We tested the following specific browser versions:
Mozilla Firefox 45.0. …
Naked Browser 1.0, internal version 112.
Opera 36.1. 2, 121.1, 02.083.
Buffer Browser 4.7. 4.2567.
UC 10.9 browser. …
InfiKen Labs Flynx 2.0. …
The ghost 1.3. …
Mercury Browser 3.2.

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