Call of duty

Call of duty

Call of duty Mobile (also known as Legend of War) is the first part of Call of Duty Legend, which attempts to transfer the gaming experience of computers and controllers to Android smartphones. In other words, like Modern Warfare or Black Ops, this is a multiplayer FPS game in any way.

Call of Duty: War of War controls are fully optimized for touch devices. Use the left thumb to control the character’s gait and right thumb. Double tap on the right side of the screen to access the proximity system to test the line of sight. And like many other Android games, your weapon will be fired automatically.

“Call of Duty: War Phone” has two main gameplay modes: “zombie” and “multiplayer game”. Both are popular franchises because they will challenge you to meet and interact with other players online. Nuketown, Hijacked, or Killhouse are some of the most popular maps.

“Call of Duty: War Phone” is an excellent game that provides you with a multiplayer experience on Android FPS. The game also includes unusual scenes, a collection of maps and weapons, and a very popular charm in the “Call of Duty” series.
After some leaks in the closed testing phase in Asian countries / regions, we have the opportunity to try out the long awaited Call of Duty: Legend of War. This is the latest legendary release for mobile devices developed by Tencent (especially its TiMi Studios, which is one of the developers of one of the PUBG games on mobile) and has been actively sponsored.
This is currently released in Australia only, but there are no geographical restrictions, so you can play it anywhere. This is an early beta release that does not provide all the features included in the final version, but it allows users to play the main game mode directly on maps taken directly from the classic versions of Modern Warfare and Black Ops. Currently, you can play Standoff, Nuketown, Hijack and Killhouse cards. The following multiplayer game modes are currently available:

Showdown: You need to kill more and more enemy players. The first team with the most results will win. It will continue to respond at the starting point of the base. (6 to 10 players)
Team Deathmatch: Just like the front line, there is no answer, so the winning team is in last place. (6 to 10 players)
Search and Sabotage: Defend or attack strategic targets without responding. (6 to 10 players)
Free for everyone: In fact, this is a personal death. The last permanent player wins. (4 to 8 players)
Classic game mode comes with one zombie mode, where you can participate in nine missions and get different rewards. In addition, the operating mode provides you with three missions, which can be continuously completed in zombie mode (with three different difficulty levels), and can be played in a team of four players.

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