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duck life

duck life

duck life is a very interring  game for kids of all ages! Train the duck to become a champion runner so that he can take back the farm. Run, swim and fly and become the leader of the herd.
In Duck Life 1 and 2, you can collect money and participate in the next game. In Duck Life 3, you can enter the next league. In Duck Life 4, you can move to the next area. In “Duck Life: Space”, you can go to the next planet. In “Duck Life: Combat”, you will learn the skills to transfer to the next area.
Ducks can participate in any competition without participation (except Duck Life 4 because it requires an invitation from another duck) and can participate in the competition. During the game, you cannot control your own duck. He will control himself and move faster or slower according to his ability. If your duck does not have enough energy, it will collapse and be lost. If your duck does not have enough skills, you will not win. When the duck crosses the finish line, the countdown starts. If it reaches zero before completing all the ducks, the game ends and is determined by the amount of duck movement from the finish line.
Duck life 1, 2 and 3.

I suggest receiving a lot of training (invitation from Angry Brown Duck) before entering your first class so that you have a greater chance of winning. In Duck Life 1,2 and 3, you cannot control the ducks in training like in Duck Life 4.

In tournaments, things depend entirely on skills and energy. Don’t forget to train higher! In tournaments, more than one duck can be made per game, but this will make it more tired and slow down. You can buy the second and third ducks in the store. Some are like brown eggs and cost 100 coins. Some eggs, like lilac, require 250 coins. These games will require a lot of energy, so as not to lose your energy, nor to fall and fail. All competitions are in progress, so plan according to your energy level. You can learn most of this paragraph by clicking “Architecture Science” (Competition Building) so that you can view this information in different languages.
After DuckLife Space wins the championship, a scene will be played, while the other ducks will guide your duck to the next planet with APK Downloader

After completing the first mission, you can leave the earth and go to the moon. After the moon game, you will go to Mars. Completing the Martian route will allow your duck to enter another galaxy where you will eventually enter Terra. Winning the Terra Championship allows you to catch the duck and send it to the frozen area of ​​the next planet. By defeating the icy championship, you can compete with foreign ducks who stole the laurels. After hitting, you can go to the Pyro.

Duck life: all kinds of things in battle. Duck Life 4 does not need to compete with 3 teams of 3 ducks, but only one group of 3 ducks in each championship game, but your ducks fight 3 ducks, each duck has a different skill level and equipment. It is best to train your duck to the highest level on all five skills (defense, health, strength, special abilities and speed) and have a good team before entering. After completing each course, D Auckland Waters will provide you with the skills to reach the next area in APK

Completing the forest championship will provide you with jumping skills to jump into the mountains.
Completing the alpine race will provide you with the climbing skills you need to enter the desert.
Completing the desert championship will provide you with the flying power you need to enter the swamp.
Completing the Swamp Championship will provide you with the swimming skills you need to enter the city.

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