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File Hide Expert APK

File Hide Expert APK, If you need to protect the valuable information stored on your phone, the best way is to hide it from the application, while hiding the files, folders, files, photos or videos stored on the phone. ‘Hide expert files. With this easy-to-use feature, you can protect your privacy without letting anyone see what you hide on your Android device.
Immediately hide all photos or videos in the gallery and make sure they are no longer displayed until you recover them with a password.

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Steps to hide a folder
After installing and opening the application, just perform the following simple steps:

  • Click the folder icon in the upper right corner.
  • Add folders and files to be hidden by pressing.
  • Click the corresponding icon or select “Hide All”.


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Hide any file (image, audio, video, etc.) or folder in seconds! Fast and reliable!
Configure a password to prevent others from using this application.
You can activate the password in the settings by selecting the “Activate Password” option and defining the password by “Change Password”.
Hide any files (images, audio, video, etc.) or folders that no one else wants to see.
When hiding and redisplaying, hidden photos and videos will immediately disappear from the gallery and video player.
The unlimited version allows you to hide any number of files.
Password protection In order to protect the application itself and prevent others from using this application, please use this application to ensure that all private files on your phone will not be pried open.
Hidden files overview with File Hide Expert APK.

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It’s almost a kind of ritual, it seems that someone wants to hand over their phone to display their photo, they should start scrolling like they are looking for something. Or when someone asks you to use and understand your phone. Unless you take steps to make private files private, others should see them. This is where File Hidden Expert can undoubtedly come in handy for Android users.


This Android application is not developed by large companies or companies. It was created by a person named Emily Smith. It is provided for free, only 2MB, so its appearance is stylish and lightweight. The current version is 2.0.12 and will be updated from time to time. This is a very popular application, appreciated by users.

What is a file hiding expert and what does it do?

File Hide Expert is an application that allows you to hide files quickly and easily on Android mobile devices. When you can use it at any time, it was developed to protect the environment, because users can hide everything they need in a few seconds. For example, if someone asks you to use your phone due to an emergency, you can send your personal files in the app to hide them.

In addition to this program, there are some security. For beginners, the file is protected by a password, even if someone finds the file, they will not be able to access your file. The app itself is very smart. It doesn’t appear in the apps you recently used, so no one can find them unless they really know what they are looking for.

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The ability to hide expert files

One of the best features of File Head Expert is its speed of use. Since the application is very smooth and compact, it can be opened almost immediately without connecting anything. It seems to be fully open. You can then extract your personal data in the application, close the application and protect it. The only problem is that to do this, you must first centralize your private data.
You can hide as many files as you need, and the AI ​​of this application is very smooth and intuitive. It was created specifically for situations that require attention to personal data and have some time to hide it.
Pros and cons of file hiding experts.
Free Android privacy app
It can be opened quickly and run smoothly
Ideal for privacy
password protection
Only suitable for hiding in flight
There is no confirmation that the file has been properly hidden.
Feature Guide

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: Click the question mark on the application password screen to send us an email.

Q: Will my hidden files be stored online?
Answer: No. All hidden files are stored on your device. Therefore, when you move to a new device, make sure to restore the files and copy them to the new device.

Q: Why can’t it run on my device?
A: The application can run normally on almost all devices. If it doesn’t work on your device, it may be due to a specific Android version limitation. In this case, you can access the settings of this application and disable the “Quick Mode” option, it should work properly.

Q: I have hidden some files and deleted this application. Will my hidden files be lost?
Answer: No. Hidden files are always stored secretly and somewhere on the device, if you want to restore them, you can reinstall this application at any time. You will get nothing.

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