Firefox APK

Firefox APK

Firefox apk is one of the most popular browsers available at the moment, and it also has Google Chrome, which is now also available for Android devices. The list of features and benefits is long enough to be considered a default browser on your phone or tablet with Firefox APK

The first interesting feature of the app is that you just have to do some gestures on Android to open browser history, bookmarks, passwords and even open tabs in your computer’s browser. Of course, you must first log in to synchronize it with a computer browser.

The second feature is that Firefox for Android, like the PC version, has many customization options. You can add several extensions, change the overall look and create your own Firefox APK.

Firefox APK 2

The third notable feature is the assignment of shortcuts to the touch screen. For example, you can add a website to your favorites by swiping the device to the side.

Firefox for Android is an excellent browser. It includes everything you need: a fast, fully functional tab system, and many customization and security options.
The most used browser on Android in 2018
Now that the first quarter of 2018 is over, it is time to pause and monitor the patterns we saw in the data collected in the first quarter of this year. Regarding browsers and their use among Uptodown users, we have seen a clear trend in mobile usage and a significant decline in desktop activity. In fact, 80% of all Uptodown traffic is from mobile devices. Overall, Uptodown held more than 722 million sessions from January 1 to April 30, 2018. By sharing the traffic to analyze the browser and device where the user is logging in, we made some notes.
These are all official versions of FIREFOX
Browser developers want to complicate matters. If the standard customer’s “lite” isn’t enough, you should now discover the beta and other beta versions. Pay special attention to Firefox. Mozilla, the Firefox developer, appears to release a new version every month. Here is a list of all the business browsers currently available on Android with APK Downloader
Download now FIREFOX 57 QUANTUM beta
In Firefox’s relentless efforts to combat indestructible Chrome, its browser version 57 has reached a milestone. The beta is now available for download, including the exciting new Servo engine: Firefox is now twice as fast as a year ago. Although version 56 was not set to auto-update to Quantum on iOS / Android and desktop devices before November 14, you can check beta version with APK.
Firefox browser
Firefox for Android is automatic, very fast. Thousands of online followers follow you every day, gathering information about your website and trusting you. By default, Firefox will block more than 2000 of these trackers, and if you want to further customize your browser, you can use the ad-blocking add-on. With Firefox, you can get the security and speed you need for a private mobile browser.

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Gau. Distribution. safety.
Firefox is faster than ever and offers you a powerful web browser to protect your privacy. The enhanced tracking protection feature can protect your personal privacy, which automatically prevents over 2000 online trackers from compromising your privacy. Firefox doesn’t allow you to access your privacy settings. Everything will be set automatically, but if you want to control everything, you can choose from several ad blocking plug-ins available in your browser. We have designed Firefox with a smart browser feature that allows you to have secure privacy, passwords and bookmarks.

Improved protection against dandruff and privacy control
When you’re online, Firefox can give you more privacy. With improved tracking protection, you can prevent unwanted third-party cookies and ads from being discovered online. Search will not be detected or restored in private browsing mode – upon completion, private browsing history will be automatically deleted.

Own the internet, own your own life
– Add Firefox to your device for secure, private and flexible browsing.
Sync your device so you can upload your favorite bookmarks, saved login names, and browsing history.
– Send open tabs between mobile devices and desktop computers.
-Firefox simplifies password management by remembering passwords on different devices.
Know that your personal information is secure and will never be an Internet hub anywhere for profit.

Search smart and get a faster experience
– Firefox can meet your needs, and intuitively provide many suggested and past search results in your favorite search engine.