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Kwai New global display features are available
All images in this app are real kwai creators. It Convert selfies into videos now! Add some music, then add some fun!

-3D as Mooges
Use the exclusive motion-sensitive 3D Kmojis Limited Edition to shoot short videos. Customize it with stickers and effect libraries. New Kmoji will be added every week!

– Get and edit short videos for free
Lip synchronization and dual function
All-inclusive short video editor (video, cut and merge video)
See perfect professional toiletries for free
Easily add stickers and text to videos with my site APK Downloader

– Exclusive face filters can be used
Use multiple face filters in one section
A duet with other users

– Share your skills with everyone
Share videos directly from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, FB Messenger and Whats App

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-Post and share videos
Aoi is a private video sharing community with the best producers in the world.
In the SMS application
Comment on the creator’s movie

Checked on it Trends page
Kwai Trend pages are designed to get the best content view
What is Kwai application? you can visit our site for improve ring your thinking ability and show and record with this app on my site click to download this app for your enjoyment.
This application with 100 million monthly active users, is a new kind of social video app that can capture life outside of China’s largest city. Some critics have found that many sunflower materials are rude and stupid, and the company claims this is the real place for ordinary Chinese.
How to use the Kwai app?
Click on the video icon on the right side of the screen to record and share the video on Kwai. Step 4: Click on the music icon and select your favorite song, you can choose different types of music, such as Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, funny music etc.

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