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Mortal Kombat X is an exaggerated visceral experience that brings all functions of the next generation of gaming systems to mobile devices and tablet devices. Visually, you have novel graphics and animations that look comfortable in combat. The card collecting game has completed the game, and you can form an elite team of Mortal Kombat fighters to showcase your talent in one of the best battle scenes on Earth. Mortal Kombat X takes you into battle, and gains more experience in battle, making special attacks and collecting powerful artifacts apk downloader.

Looking at the fighter list, you can find an impressive collection of mortal combat veterans, including: Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Ermac, Sonya and more fighters. In addition to the classic fighters, some new players are also added to the game, such as Cassie Cage, D’Orah, Kotal Khan and Kung Jin apk downloader


Mortal Combat is famous for its deadly casualties, and Mortal Combat X brings clear, clear graphics and exaggerated punches to feast on your eyes. After challenging other players, you will compete in faction wars with them. This competitive online mode allows you to fight against enemy teams and rank your faction on the leader board, giving you the chance to win weekly prizes. apk downloader The more you play, the better your chances of finding allies to call a fight. You can use fighter jets to give precise attacks to the enemy. Some extremely rare prizes that you can unlock include characters such as Unjust Scorpion and Klessic Kitna.

Kongbat Real X Representation of MORTAL KOMBAT X

Experience the absurd and effortless battle of MORTAL KOMBAT X.

This fierce battle and card accumulation and transfer function brings the intensity of cutting-edge games to your multi-tasking and tablet devices. Set up a group of top mortal Kombat fighters and lead yourself to participate in the best battle competition on Earth.


Cold 3 v 3 KOMBAT

Prepare your own Mortal Kombat fighters and lead them to battle for insights, extraordinary new attacks, and amazing antiques.

Large competitive event

Collect many Mortal Kombat veterans like Scorpion, Johnny Peng, Minus World, Sonia, Kitna, Elmac and many more. Discover the latest Mortal Combat enhancements, such as D’Orah, Hot Cassie Confine, Cruel Kotal Khan, and Weird Kung Jin Bugs apk downloader.

Stunning X-rays and fatal injuries

Mortal Kombat X brings his death and X-rays with various uses, with a dazzling picture. These absurd steps thrill you.

Try other players

Compete with other players in Group Wars, an aggressive online mode in which players can learn from other groups of players. Upgrade your group’s leader boards and win prizes week after week apk downloader.

Fight to bring partner

Observe other players who become your partner. Get a Combatant and strike your enemies fearlessly.

Open prizes that combine comfort and portability apk downloader.

Easy to play Mortal Kombat X and publicly selected awards, including very rare characters such as the classic Kitna and Bad Form Scorpion. Playing with the assured version on a laptop can also be spent. apk downloader


The material usually fits a longer 17 and over. It includes extraordinary vandalism, blood and genocide.

Mortal Kombat X APK Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Linking error error: ignored to get online profile?

If you accept the error “Association error: ignore to create profile online. If you want to try again or continue to use the current offline profile”, if this is not a major problem, please follow the try:

First, try to suppress the “retiree” a few times. If you try again, you will usually be contacted. If it does not meet the requirements, please try the following:

1. Click on the Capture menu

2. Select “Profile”

3. Select “Change WBID”

4. “WBPlay account not for capture?” Click on

5. Use your current WBID email address and key to complete the structure

6. Verify the container and agree to the security policies and terms of management

7. Click “Join by Email” again. apk downloader

8. You will receive a message asking if you want to use this WBID to connect to a backup device, please select “Yes”.

9. If you do not receive the winning message, please click “Join by Email” again, and then click “Yes” again when prompted.

If these methods do not work, you can resolve the problem by reinstalling this feature and login to the WBID again. However, by doing this you can lose any other progress made in the offline game.

Q2H How do I change my profile name in MKX Versatile?

His quick name is how different players recognize him. To rename a storefront you can go to Menu> Profile> Rename Profile apk downloader.

Q3. How do you build or reset cloud spare parts in multifunctional MKX MORTAL KOMBAT X?

To create a spare disk in the cloud, you have to log into WBPlay / WBID through the “Interesting Profile” tab. When you log into WBPlay, the cloud refresh will be updated every time you make a detour, every time you play a game or do other real activities .with us apk downloader.

Click here to download

To restore a transferred device or reset a backup device in the cloud after plugging it into another device, essentially log into the equivalent WBPlay / WBID account that you already use in Entertainment. If spare parts belong to this WBID, then T MORTAL KOMBAT X will be allowed so click on link apk downloader.


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