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Move Box APK

Move Box APK connects you to a network of trusted operators, making your next mobile experience comfortable, affordable and worry-free. Whether it’s a new sofa or a whole house, Movebox on the go can move your belongings wherever you want.
How does this work
Movebox is the easiest way to make a difference.
1. Enter your mobile phone details: Tell us when, where and what you need to move.
2. Get the best price: You will get a FREE guaranteed price immediately.
3. Planning: only a few minutes to confirm the exercise.
4. Tracking and acceptance: Communicate and pay in real time with your engine, provide and verify all content in the app.

Move box 2
We are currently located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Atlanta. More cities will appear soon!
How do I move?
Just go for one order, or use Movebox to schedule the next step. Our most popular services include:
Small gestures: Get help with one or two large items.
Moving From Apartment / House: A step-by-step plan for moving the apartment or house entirely.
* Retail Delivery: Having trouble buying big items or furniture in stores like IKEA, Xiyu, Tao Cang, Home Depot, Crates, Wooden Boxes, or Target? Transportation assistance is ongoing.
* Collect and deliver from Craigslist: Want to travel in the store with your team or find Craigslist on public transport?

Movebox did that for you.
* Work can move only: no truck, only another set of hands can complete the work.
Warehouse Moving: Get help moving old sofas or vinyl sets to the warehouse.
Garbage Disposal: Find a motor that can remove and collect garbage.
Why choose MOVEBOX?
* Comfortable and safe
Whether it is a new sofa or a whole apartment, Movebox can be adjusted according to your condition. Plan, track and implement the next step directly in the app.
* Certified mobile company community
Each Movebox Mover is pre-scanned, licensed and rated by the community.
* The price is completely transparent
There are no hidden additions or fees, the price you see is the price you paid, and everything is done in the Movebox app.

Move box Download

Are you more mobile?
If you have experience, you can join the team and operate your truck or truck. With the Movebox app, you can find many animation features that match your schedule. Just log in with the app.
Move the boxes is an addictive puzzle game.
Move and replace with 200 levels in this addictive puzzle game.
Your goal is to clear all squares by adding them together. You can move, store and switch boxes. Three or more squares of the same type disappear on the horizontal or vertical line. Each level has a limited number of rounds!
Share your score with your friends.
The rules of the game are simple, but the challenges are enormous. You can move, drag and drop squares, and switch between them. Three or more squares of the same type disappear respectively. Pay attention to the curve, the number is limited! Satisfied with solving the difficult problems of many important ports on all continents.

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