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PUBG MOBILE LITE is here this version of PUBG Mobile features Unreal Engine 4, which is compatible with more devices and is optimized for devices with less RAM without affecting the gaming experience attracting millions of fans worldwide. The PUBG MOBILE LITE map is small and can seat 60 players, which means that the fastest speed games still retain the traditional style of PUBG apk downloader
Can I play PUBG Mobile in PUBG Lite?
No, if you use the lite version to play, it cannot be combined with the PUBG mobile player. I think if the new Pubg Mobile 0.9 update. 0 comes, you didn’t update, but somehow you went through the mandatory update page and then started the game. You will be paired with users who use the same version as you. apk downloader


PUBG MOBILE LITE uses Unreal Engine 4 and first expands on the continuous interaction of PUBG MOBILE, so that the event-filled arena mode matches the last 10 minutes or less. The simplified game requires only 600 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM to operate smoothly apk downloader.

1. PUBG Mobile Edition

Sixty players fell on the 2 km x 2 km island with extensive assets and made public their resistance in the war zone. Find weapons, vehicles and supplies to help you fight. Get ready for the land and fight to the last stop apk downloader.

Apk downloader

Supports 12 dialects: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, German and French apk downloader.

PUBG Mobile

2. Proper state of play.

Vehicles and supplies to help him fight. Get ready for the land and fight to the last stop!

Distribution Center: Excellent 4v4 battle, endless and exciting rebirth apk downloader.

Cheat frames are prohibited to ensure that all PUBG Mobile LITE players can enjoy a proper gaming experience.


3. Area

Distribution Center: Excellent 4v4 battle, endless and exciting rebirth!

4. Work with your colleagues

Nearby groups, room cards, and family methods keep you playing with your teammates, no matter where apk downloader.

5. Images and sounds in HD

Surprising confusion makes your coworkers try and fight for team dominance. Engine 4 interacts appropriately, vividly and continuously on a large high-definition map. World-class sounds and 3D audio cues will take you into battle more than ever apk downloader.

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6. Support

Partners can use voice access to play together and acquire victory skills. apk downloader Prepare an ambush and move the enemy. Struggling their allies with enthusiasm to fight and fight to gain team advantage. Download with apk

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