Quick shortcut maker

Quick Shortcut Maker

Quick shortcut maker is a very simple application whose function fully complies with the suggestion of its name: create a shortcut on the desktop of an Android device. You can create temporary tutorials as well as features and activities to use. This means that you can easily set up skips for What Sapp because you can create shortcuts for features that cannot be easily accessed.
One of the advantages of Quick Shortcut Maker is that it allows you to customize shortcuts. You can select the icon next to the shortcut, so you can easily hide the shortcut as needed.

Quick Shortcut Maker is a more complex application than the one you originally discovered. Ideal for quick access to menu items and application boundaries.

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More information about Quick Shortcut Maker
The app can create a short app from the list of features you have installed on your phone. Even if you don’t have many websites, you can choose a website that works well. You can also use QuickShortcutMaker to find the applications you need to run.

As the name suggests, this application allows you to create shortcuts to applications and make them easy to access. You can also use QuickShortcutMaker to find the applications you need to run. It is often difficult to create shortcuts for your applications. However, with QuickShortcutMaker, all you need to do is click.

You can also create shortcuts on hidden screens that are not normally accessible. The application uses the network to send an error notification, and when called, the message will be displayed on the screen of your mobile device.
How to create the ShortShortCutMaker kit
Press and hold the home screen.
Click “Gift”.
Click on the “Task” containing the QuickShortcutMaker icon.
Drag it to a location on the screen to start the QuickShortcutMaker application.
Select a task, edit it, and click Create.
A shortcut will be created.

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When accessing the APK file in the “Downloads” folder or selected storage, you will be asked to grant permission before the installation process. Make sure you have backed up your phone in the app. This is usually incorrect, but we are responsible for sending you notifications.
Of course, there are many applications installed on your Android device. If so, have you encountered an application looking for something that is difficult to see quickly from the application list? Many people are suffering for this, which is why we have QuickShortcutMaker Latest APK 2.4.0 (20400) to solve this problem.

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