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Retrica is a photo application that allows you to apply different filters to photos like Instagram. However, unlike Instagram, Retrica allows you to apply these filters in real time, so you can see how the image looks like even before shooting. In total, Retrica has more than 80 different styles of filters, although they all have a “retro” rotation effect. You will find dark filters, black and white tones, silent tones, etc. There are definitely filters for all tastes and (almost) all colors.

In addition to taking normal photos, you can also superimpose images in Retrica by selecting this option. You can take a single photo or take 9 photos in a row to create interesting and novel compositions.

Ratrica 1

Retrica also includes other options, such as artificial shadows (also included in Instagram) or timers that allow you to take photos with a tripod.

Retrica is an excellent photo application. After winning on iOS, it became one of the main benchmarks in the category, and now it has entered Android and offers some cool and completely free features.
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More information about Retrica
Retrica is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use photo editing applications on Android. This app beats all other photo editing apps in the “Filters” section. It also supports other editing functions, such as scramble mode, blur effect, time-lapse and interval shooting to obtain perfect images APK Downloader.

Retrica focuses on filters and less on other things, thus making it a central filter application. You can preview the filter on the live camera before taking a picture. This is a successful mobile device camera application. As you know, with the development of device cameras in recent years, the number of photos taken with mobile phones has increased dramatically, which is why producers began to pay more attention to the camera application and released it as the first version of the day. Retrica is the most popular photography app these days. Although provided to users for free under normal circumstances, some filter packages have been disabled.

Retrica photo editing filters
Use all Retrica filters to create standard images, collages, GIFs or videos. When applying the filter, you will find three options such as “Recommended”, “Favorites” and “All”. Choose the option that suits you best. You can also mark or mark specific stars for future use. There is a filter guide to help and explain the filters in the application.

Retrica also contains your classic effects such as bullets, collage and camouflage. Use the collage timer to enjoy many other effects in the photo booth. With so many filters, it is often difficult for users to find the most suitable filter. But you can use the random button to sort them. Clicking on it will select a random filter and will enable or disable bullet mode. Using an application with a real-time preview in the viewfinder, you can see how the photo will look.

Ratrica 3

You can use Retrica for free, and you can make it more beautiful by applying different filters to photos taken with Android phones and tablet cameras. Retrica is a very advanced photo effects and editing application, it has many filter effects (such as old photo filters) and many photo editing options (such as picsart).

Additional features
Designed to give your photos a completely different look, you can find other features such as shading, taking black and white photos, turning them into sepia tones, and preparing photos to change in different colors. In addition to the following functions, the application also contains all these functions:

Retrica is a beautiful camera app with built-in resources that can be used to take photos, personalize photos, and transfer photos to gays. Transfer your needs through hypnotic channels and meet new friends with us APK Downloader.

• Excellent camera channel, can deal with any incident.

We have more than 100 channels to watch. Plus, you can see it gradually before taking a selfie, which means you can focus on staying calm instead of changing. Selectively guide each part of the installation month by month.

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• Various unique appearance

Does Retrica need to make the shape stand out? Do you need to wash the beach look? How about some old camera light slots? Whether it needs to be retro or outstanding, Retrica guarantees it. Double-click to edit each topic to highlight the best number APK Downloader.

• Recordings and GIF files appear

One click will get the best preview effect, long time compression will result in capturing real-time video. Switch to GIF mode, and then convert the montage or video to your own GIF compatible format.

• Set simple moments

Are the pictures not enough? Take different selfies and turn them into a perfect collection in less than a second. You can switch the phone to the old camera angle by pressing a button.

• Funny stickers, stamps, graffiti and sky are the limit!

More than 100 stickers can improve and change your lens. Make your record stand out, install a separate message on your selfie, or add a fictitious Retrica stamp to the date and time. We provide a variety of styles to illuminate your selfies. Choose decals that are accessible to advanced verifiers APK Downloader.

• Need power

When designing at Retrica, we will show you all chain orders. continuously. We will never hide images or records from the general population that follows.

Send private message

Retrica is not only a camera, but also a network. Meet and accompany new comrades in Retrica, send private messages, and highlight our new instant notifications.

• Display

Transfer your beautiful selfies to all stages of online life, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In Retrica, your followers can see every snapshot you share.


Access the entire Retrica library with a top-notch membership! Get every channel we add occasionally to make your photos less and less common with us so click here to see more APK Downloader

There are two different types of Retrica premium memberships.

One month to one month-months cost $4.99

Annual premium: cost $21.99

After confirming the purchase, a premium will be charged in the iTunes registration form. Unless the automatic recovery function is deleted about 24 hours before the current period expires, the membership will naturally be recharged. Your records will be uploaded within 24 hours before the expiration of the current period according to your recovery agreement. After purchase, you can monitor or stop the automatic recovery process at any time in the Apple ID account settings. The discount will not be included in any unused part of this clause. When purchasing a membership, any idle time will be discarded for testing. Free threshold for each Apple ID account

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