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run games

run games

Run games are famous for the “Foot.l Hero” series that was originally built on mobile devices and later expanded to the PC and Nintendo Switch. Footbal Heroes Pro, which has NFL player features, has been downloaded more than 9 million times, has been hailed dozens of times on the Apple Plus App Store and Google Play, and Maiden Mobile’s earnings have dropped regularly. It has been applied to Candy Crush Saga and Facebook. Downloads have dropped in APKĀ 

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We will continue to expand the franchise to make it bigger and better than last year. In addition, we are committed to producing original content in the design spaces of mobile phones, consoles, PCs and virtual reality.
Run Run proudly supports other developers and publishers to create the best entertainment experiences. We develop in conjunction with other game studios to plant projects, support their vision or add value to their existing products.

run games
“Endless Mission” is a game that provides players with unprecedented game equipment to create the desired game type, conquer the game world and integrate elements such as FPS, racing, platforms and adventure.

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Multiplayer game features that are not related to the type of game are responsible for working with the Run Games development team to create APIs and friendly multiplayer plans for game programmers and to enrich the client-based network services needed to communicate and communicate in the game. . Good luck

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