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shoebox free download

shoebox free download

shoebox free download The shoe box closes. We offer you a grace period for uploading photos and videos to iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or Windows. Please send as soon as possible.

Shoebox is your personal photo album with unlimited free backups. Automatically back up photos to protect your memory security and privacy. Without taking up space on your Android phone or tablet, take all the photos taken in your pocket or tablet. If you lose your phone or your hard drive crashes, don’t risk losing your photos.

Shoebox is suitable for Android phones and tablets, computers, etc.

• 100% savings using the same encryption as for private and banking
• Unlimited cloud storage space means no extra space on your phone
Facebook download and save all Facebook photos to your Facebook backup
Choose to discover your memory through “This Day in History”
• Chromecast: Stream any photos or videos that you have collected on TV
Android directly view a collection of photos of your computer on your Android phone / tablet
The phone can view photos of the phone on a computer without access via USB
Backup video (Android 4.3 or higher)
Ed Share shared selected memories with friends and family.
Camera Backup film will be automatically placed without putting it on the computer
More for viewing photos depending on location, camera, time of day, season, etc.
SL view graphs and share photos directly on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• Free and unlimited. Our free plan guarantees the security of all your photos on time with a resolution of 3264 pixels
Day 14 Day Photo Backup Pro, you can back up photos in their original resolution. Details at shoeboxapp.com

I don’t see what others are saying about you:
• Forbes: “Go to Flickr, Photobucket, and Picasaweb: Myshobox is here … Cross-platform functionality here exceeds the limits of Google+ photo sharing …”
• TechCrunch: “The photo storage service provided by Myshobox Cloud is superior to the services provided by most other companies …”
• BoxPixel: “This service provides its own applications … it synchronizes the entire library of photos in the cloud without any additional work.”
• GSM Countries / Regions: “If you bury your phone in the snow during a football match in the afternoon, you won’t miss all the valuable family photos you took during the day.”
• Republican wedding: “All photos will be automatically saved and accessible from anywhere. This is a simple solution for your next visit to your aunt’s house, everyone wants to see your wedding photos! ”
Shoe Box is a great photo storage app that organizes and stores all photos in the cloud.

It integrates your web, desktop and mobile applications, and you can easily access photos wherever you are.
The photos are streamlined, and the shoe box adds an individual touch to a timeline comparable to Picasa and Flickr. APK Downloader

The number of photos you can upload for free ($ 5 per subscription) is unlimited, but its quality is limited to a resolution of 1024 pixels.

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