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Text Now APK can save you money when you talk about making calls or texting to other mobile phones. Download the app and get free contact. Do we have other words to listen to? Whether we are talking about a tragic old thing, if it is free, we will fight for our cake. Using an app called TextNow, you can call and send an unlimited amount of text messages completely free of charge…Despite the advertisement, you can only get rid of it by paying the premium.
Choose your phone number
Have you ever dreamed of choosing a phone number? You can have your own phone number, or just don’t remember your phone number. To use TextNow, you must choose your own phone number (which you can use of course) to use with the tool with Text Now APK.

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What can I do with this program?
As you might imagine, the main features of this application are very simple, but TextNow has amazing features for you.

Call and answer
Earn call credit by performing activities suggested by the app.
Free unlimited voice calls between application users.
Photo messaging.
Emotional symbols.
Notification ringtones and sounds.
Quick response function.
Add your own signature to the message.
Also send a message from your computer.
You can now use TextNow without WiFi! Receive unlimited calls and text messages for free through the US National Sprint network. Click “Free Coverage” in the application menu to check whether your phone is eligible and receive a telephone service with no phone charges.

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Local phone number in the U.S. or Canada
Give your friends a private phone number they can call!

Unlimited SMS and photo information
You can send as many text messages to the US and Canada as possible for free!

Unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada
Make free and unlimited calls to any phone number in the US and Canada!

Cheap international calls
TextNow provides low-cost international calls to more than 230 countries. Keep in touch for a long time, the price is less than $0.01 per minute. Complete the quote in your account and make cheap international calls to make money or make money for free.

-Make and receive voice calls
-Emojis, stickers and animations
-Full picture information: send, receive and save pictures!
-Video information: send the video to your friends and family
-Copy voicemail: copy of voicemail
– Caller ID
Password: lock your message and save it under the key
Google SmartLock: No need to remember passwords
-Transfer phone
Group call
Signature: Add your personal signature to each class
-Customizable text tones, ringtones and vibration
-Customizable wallpaper
-Set ringtone and background on different contacts
-Easily and quickly respond to friends
-To launch the TextNow home screen widget, write a new message or quickly call
-Integrated inbox: send and receive text, SMS and GIF messages directly via TextNow-use TextNow as an SMS application.

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-One number, multiple devices-Send a message and call a computer or tablet, then you can access them from your phone no matter where you are.
-TextNow.com-Text also comes from your computer! Essentially, all messages are synchronized with your mobile device.
Transfer your Wi-Fi tablet to your phone.
-Flexible call function to prevent disconnection. Flexible calling is TextNow’s unique ability, it can determine the best route for your call, thereby improving the quality of the call with APK Downloader
Is it really free?

No socket. There is no annual fee or monthly fee! It’s completely free! Download now and start sending and receiving unlimited texts, photos, videos and text messages.

How can it be free?

The application comes with some advertisements. If you don’t like these ads, you can purchase a subscription to delete them. Joining the ranks of 100 million people, they have found a better way of speaking and free courses.
Free SMS, photo management, contact information, mobile phone number
Give your friends a private phone number they can call! Unlimited SMS
You can send as many text messages to the US as possible.

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