whatsapp plus

whatsapp plus

WhatsApp Plus is the best conversion app for Android devices, with better features than traditional messaging apps. In this application, you can hide blue characters, internet connection status and the function of downloading stories.
Whatsapp Plus APK does not need to hide anything, so you can use it without losing anything. This APK messaging app is the best way to provide your friends with the best features of Whatsapp Plus APK.
WhatsApp Plus APK
This is a similar application similar to WhatsApp. It was put on the market in 2012. The developer and director of XDARaphaelite created this application by replacing the old WhatsApp application. It changed the policy library and introduced a new user interface. The initial logo application was green, anwhatsapp plus 3d later it turned gold. Raval adds several functions, which we will discuss later in this article. You may also want Aero WhatsApp APK check.


The application uses large encryption to provide information. Here you will find all the features of the first application.
Is WhatsApp added to the APK correctly?
Give permission under the big question. The application has been removed from the Play Store in the past, but it can now be downloaded. Some sources have contacted the WhatsApp team for clarification and negative response. The WhatsApp team described the application as illegal and unsafe. But the authorities did not disclose any news. As a result, the legal status is unclear. You can register this illegal or illegal gray writing application.

How to install Whatsapp Plus on Android phone?
As mentioned earlier, using Whatsapp APK is very simple, installing this application is just a cookie. Here are the fastest and fastest ways to install this application for smartphones.

Click here to download

First, just click the link below to download WhatsApp Plus from your mobile device.

Then, download this APK app and install it on your device.

Now, if you want to get a full backup of the chat, please open Whatsapp and go to “Settings”-“Chat-Backup”.
Then, make a full backup and wait for all conversations to resume.

WhatsApp Plus features

  • withstand
  • Hide online activities, blue markers and profile pictures
  • Secret Ball and Second Edition
  • Hide the last option visible to all contacts
  • It can also hide the identity of peopleAfter recording, hide recordings of groups and contacts
  • It has video calls and HD audio callsDifferent girls can look up
  • Send large files, such as audio or video
  • Increase the video time of the event
  • Player icon can be changedFast printing speed
  • Get notification if the update is closed.
    Well, Facebook has more than one million active users worldwide and was acquired by Facebook. It has become one of the most popular applications in the world. Therefore, no one will be surprised by the development of dozens of third-party applications that are trying to benefit from these services.

whatsapp plus 2

Among the most popular apps of this type, WhatsApp Plus is an upgrade that we can download for free to update the app with options other than those originally provided by WhatsApp.

Now you know what WhatsApp Plus is… what is it used for?
Well, as we said above, it can be used for custom messaging and chat applications. It is usually aimed at every user who is not satisfied with the latter, and the reason they use it is simply because everyone else does it, even if there are other ways to make Telegram better.

Almost everyone thinks that there are several areas for improvement in this post, and this is the purpose of the APK file. The following is a list of phrases that can be used to create original software:

Change the font color or font size to the desired type.
Send audio and video processing.
Download or upload images in the first film.
Quick introduction.
Publish and more than half: Select one of the copies that you want to copy, paste and send to others.
Hide your profile photo.