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World War Heroes

World War Heroes

World War Heroes This diversion will take you to World War II, where you’ll ready to utilize military vehicles to lead fights.

The diversion highlights 7 amusement modes:

✯ In-your-face Mode

Mode increment the harm and makes the amusement increasingly practical;

✯ Deathmatch

Free battle for all. You battle for yourself. Player with the most noteworthy score wins the round;

✯ Group Deathmatch

Two groups battle for mastery. The group with the most noteworthy score toward the finish of the round successes.

✯ Bomb Mode

One group ought to bring and plant a bomb at the showed point, the other group must avert it!

World War Heroes

✯ Group Squad

Two groups battle each other with no respawns. The group which has no less than one part wins.

✯ Group fight on panzers

Two groups fight against one another. The group that has the most focuses toward the finish of the round successes.

✯ Custom Modes

Make a diversion with your very own standards! Tell your companions diversion number in the measurements window when you make a room and play together!


✯ 7 unbelievable World War II fights!

✯ 4 sorts of fight vehicles from various nations: USA, Russia, Japan, and Germany!

✯ 5 diversion modes and a custom mode with your own principles!

✯ 57 special weapon types: guns, ambush rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and some more!

*Reminder: Join competitions to win prize, raise your faction!

More highlights:

✯✯✯ Login to Get Every day Unconditional Presents ✯✯✯

Login to Get Every day Unconditional Presents, Login to get Free Day by day Journeys!

Login to get every day free things. Don’t likewise miss the reward EXP and Credits time!

✯✯✯ 50+ Weapons, Alter yourself ✯✯✯

50 sorts of weapons: firearms, guns, tommy-weapons, subguns, projectiles, rockets and body protections!

Alter your weapon and get an extraordinary test piece – change the shading and get all alternatives, from barrels and stocks to scopes.

✯✯✯ Overhaul adapt framework ✯✯✯

Update your rigging and wind up more grounded!

Standard updates and new components are hanging tight for you.

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