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World War Heroes

World War Heroes

World War Heroes is a multiplayer first-person action game in which you can take part in the most important battles of World War II. The most important thing is that you can participate in different aspects in different game modes Apk downloader.

The game allows you to play alone or in groups in the classic deathmatch mode, you can also play the famous bomb deactivation mode and other modes in which you can drive a tank. In addition, you can create your own server according to your own special rules. Some of the highlights of the game include: seven iconic stages, such as beaches in the ruins of Normandy or Berlin, more than 50 weapons and four types of vehicles.


Visually, the “World War heroes” are excellent and the controls are perfect. With first-person perspective and virtual controls, you can play your character, throw grenades, or heal yourself. By default, auto shooting is enabled, but you can disable it using the setup menu.

In battle, you’ll get a prize, which will allow you to open boxes with resources to obtain armor and special equipment, and more. Obviously, these boxes can also be purchased for real money, but all game content can be unlocked without paying.

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“World War Heroes: World War II” is a 3D first-person shooter like counterattack against a global aggressor! Quick reaction and tactical skills are necessary to become a successful player in this dynamic game. Control the character from the perspective of the first person and destroy the enemy with the help of allies.

Are you ready to try to earn FPS which depends on the skill of the player?

Best CSGO shooter strategy in FPS games. A first-person shooter with a tactical game, Swat becomes the leader of the team and prepares to shoot murderers, terrorists and international criminals. High quality graphics and fast paced shooting action game.

This transfer of World War II heroes will take you to World War II, where you will be ready to fight military vehicles.

7 ways of entertainment highlights:

✯ face mode

The mode increases damage and makes entertainment increasingly practical;


Free fight for all. You fight for yourself The player with the highest score wins the goal;

✯ Deathmatch Group

There is a competition for supremacy in both groups. The group with the highest score will be a total success.

✯ pump mode

One group should take the bomb to the shown location and the other group should avoid the bomb!

World war heroes


The two groups struggled without rebirth. A seat that has no less than one seat wins.

ख armored warfare

The two groups face each other. The most focused group is successfully completed with us Apk downloader.

✯ custom mode

Use your own standards to deflect attention! When you make a room and play together, tell your partner the transfer number in the measurement window!

Should emphasize:


Increíbles7 Amazing World War II game!

From 4 types of combat vehicles from different countries: USA, Russia, Japan and Germany!

✯5 transfer mode and custom mode according to their own principles!

विशेष57 Special Weapons: pistols, ambush rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and more.

* Reminder: enter the competition to win prizes and improve factions!

More Highlights:

✯✯✯Login to receive unconditional gifts every day

Log in to get an unconditional daily gift, log in to get a free daily trip!

Sign in to get free stuff every day. Also, do not miss the EXP reward and credit time with Apk downloader

Than more than 50 weapons, change weapons

50 types of weapons: pistols, pistols, super-large weapons, submarine guns, projectiles, rockets and body defenses. Apk downloader

Trade your weapon and get exceptional test pieces – trade shadows and barrels and get everything from storage targets to scopes.

✯✯✯ review optimization framework framework

Upgrade your gear and finish grounding!

Standard upgrades and new components are at your service.

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