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worlds hardest game

worlds hardest game

worlds hardest game It is the most difficult game in the world! Try to complete 30 amazing levels, if you can complete all the levels, you can compete for a place in the global leaderboard!
This is “the hardest game in the world”. Don’t play hard! Really! Wow, this game can be by far the most challenging but addictive games! The purpose is simple: all you have to do is draw a red square from one end of the spirit level to the other, and collect the yellow circle along the way. This sounds easy, but when we say no, trust us!

worlds hardest game

If you can complete the first level without dying, please let us know! As each level progresses, the challenge becomes more difficult. You should have a very quick response and be able to master Red Blue block brilliantly. Act quickly, but consider the time of the process and the location you need. Don’t forget to go to any safe green space and take a break in the middle of the level! Can you complete all 30 levels? We believe you can’t!

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This game is created by Stephen Krit oph f.
There are 3 official versions of this game:
The most difficult game in the world 2
The most difficult game in the world 3
The most difficult game in the world 4
Release day
March 2008
You are a red square, please avoid the blue circles and collect the yellow circles. After collecting all the yellow circles, go to the green lighthouse to complete the level.
Your score reflects your death toll.

worlds hardest game

How many tough sports in the world?
Level 30
How to beat all thirty levels in the most difficult game in the world. 60 people were killed during the operation seen in this video. To save time, we removed all deaths from the video, and the full video was shown at twice the speed. with APK downloader

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