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Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing

Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing

Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing sharing needs to record sharing, but there is no web link? Forget it! Zapya allows you to share records from Android phones, iPhones and computers without using Wi-Fi or mobile information. In particular, Zapya is not easy to use and provides customers with up to 20 attempts of service, so there is no cost to customers. Transferring records has never been easier!

Start using one of three direct methods to display records to everyone around you for hassle-free exchange on Zapya. Create a pool and welcome others to match, create a custom QR code to filter others, or mainly send documents to people nearby my with Zapya .

Other main functions

Video inspiration

Find the shortest recording shared and viewed by many customers.

Copy by phone

Efficiently upgrade most documents on old devices and share them with other devices. To use this item, you must authorize the call state (warning from CALL_LOG) and phone state (excite READ_PHONE_STATE).

⚡Visit now

Visit the media with partners and make offers without using the Internet or information.

⚡Share QR code

Use QR code to add tools and view records! It hardly needs life.

Share messages and more

In particular, you will not be able to provide documents to different people. You can travel together in a similar way and use the person who misjudged that moment and see your partner’s phone, what the camera sees on the gadget, including remote camera.

Zapya-file transfer and sharing

. Show all options

Do you need to find other phones and provide only the most popular or saved apps? Copy the APK file from another phone or PC to the new phone. Go to “Nearby Devices” and “Documents”, then to “Applications“. Select most of the apps you provide, and basically click “Enter All”. free time!

ac mac and computer support

When introducing introductions (PPT, etc.), please use your mobile phone to enhance the documents on your Macintosh or computer and use it as a remote mouse.


Support phase

Android Windows v4.0 to 9.0), iOS, Windows XP/7/8/10, Macintosh OSX, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10, web browser

B supported bid

English (default), Chinese (rearranged, custom), Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, Tamil Languages, Malayalam, Telegram, Malay, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese.

Zapya is one of the most popular file sharing platforms. This free device is designed for smartphones, but has a feature-rich version of Windows PC. Since the app allows peer-to-peer sharing, it is a convenient way to share large files over a wireless network. When using Zapya, just make sure that both devices are connected to the same network. The simple interface of the tool takes care of the rest. With most file sharing programs such as SHAREit, Zapya allows you to share media, documents, and other files in your home or office.

File sharing applications through a reliable platform!
Although Zapya is available on many platforms such as iOS, Mac OS and Android, it is very popular among Windows users. Compared with other programs, Zapya provides faster transmission speed via wireless network or Bluetooth network. It is worth noting that the transmission speed is much faster than Wi-Fi.

With Zapya for Windows, you can share, receive and preview files on different operating systems. Just download and install the software on your Windows PC, Zapya’s clean interface will help you understand the workflow smoothly.

Many people change their phones regularly. At such times, data backup and file sharing can be very boring. Zapya for PC makes the download process easy and allows you to share data from one device to another. Most people use this platform to quickly back up data from mobile devices to computers, and vice versa.

How to use Zapya?
As mentioned above, Zapya is easy to use. The simple interface of the tool helps you to understand the workflow smoothly. Unlike “Send Nowhere” and “Send Anything”, Zapya does not require you to always go through lengthy tutorials. Once you spend a few minutes on the program, you can use it without any problems.

To start using Zapya, you must use the tool on both devices. After installation, you must join a group of access points or create a new group for friends and family. To join a group or ask others, you must scan a QR code or set a password.

Download apk

Once the receiver and sender are found in the same group, they can immediately start sending and receiving files. Zapya’s free download for PC allows you to share the Internet with many people. If a person is approved to join a group, that person can continue to share another person’s Internet until they are deleted.

Is Zapya easy to use on Windows?
Like most file sharing tools, Zapya can be used on Windows computers. Since most people like to back up smartphone data to their computer, devices such as Zapya are nearby. The PC version of Zapya is easy to use and has a simple interface. In addition, it provides you with a functional environment that is easy to understand and browse.

If developers encounter any problems while using the software, they will provide you with excellent customer support. With a strong community, you can view information about Zapya online in many forums, allowing you to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Through a simple and straightforward installation, Zapya does not require authentication. After installing the app, you will get two QR codes, which can be easily connected by simply scanning them on two devices.

Zapya 2

Is Zapya easy to use and understand?
After the program is launched, the Zapya app will automatically start searching for nearby devices connected to the same network. As mentioned above, the process of downloading, linking and transferring files is very simple and straightforward. To transfer files to the same network, you can use the drag and drop user interface for quick operations. Since the application does not require human intervention, you can relax while transferring files to another device.

To help you find common ground in advance, Zapya provides a complete list of transferred files, including music, photos, movies, videos, and documents. In the main window, you can preview these items with a few clicks. If you want to change some aspects of the application, you can go to the required configuration section. This allows you to change the starting path, path, incoming mail path and other parameters of the folder.

In addition to similar products based on smartphones, Zapya PC also provides you with a good way to transfer large files in the following ways with apk downloader

zapya for pc cnet

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